About Us

Pitbox is part of the Hell's Kitchen family. A sandwich delivery service that has been a Brighton staple now for many years, earning an unrivalled reputation as a high-quality, innovative institution re-inventing the traditional concept of a sandwich. So in 2020, the Hell's Kitchen family decided it was about time we did this with BBQ too.


For us, food is more than a necessity, it's a lifestyle and Pitbox reflects this. Our BBQ boxes are about sharing great food with friends, family and loved ones. Because taste is a sense which can transport us to happy times and BBQ particularly is about coming together and enjoying all the best that life has to offer - good times, good food and hopefully, though we can't guarantee it, sunshine!


Eco-Friendly - All The Way


After you've enjoyed your delicious BBQ experience, simply tip out the volcanic ash from the Casus instant grill (it all goes back to nature) and put everything we've provided back into the Pitbox box and drop it off at the nearest recycling bin. And if they're full? We ask you please to take it home with you - it's light and easily transportable and we know you don't want Pitbox to be part of the tragic amount of rubbish left on Brighton's beaches or in our green spaces.

Pitbox strives to be as environmentally friendly as possible. Generally, BBQ is an outdoors experience and so whilst we want to enjoy BBQ in the parks, beaches and our lovely natural spaces, part of celebrating that is ensuring we are helping our environment thrive and not harming it. For this reason, our boxes, the Casus BBQ grill and all cutlery, plates, cups and containers in our BBQ boxes are biodegradable.

Southern BBQ Taste In Brighton

Pitbox is not the product of big business. It's the invention of a top Brighton chef whose roots are in soul food. That's why we've had rave reviews from top Brighton food bloggers and critics. Because the food in your box has been thoughtfully sourced, mindfully flavoured and is the result of hours of experimenting, taste testing and development in our commercial kitchen until we landed on flavoursome, succulent, moreish foods that we're not just proud of but genuinely elated about delivering to you.


What's more, we provide the very best vegan options, our sides are not afterthoughts but stand on their own, and our meat product are locally sourced and half-cooked before you begin to BBQ so you don't have to worry about undercooked meat as so often creates anxiety in BBQing.